Break the Pattern of Inherited Family Trauma — A Workshop with Mark Wolynn

April 21
NY Open Center

In this workshop, we’ll explore the unexplained fears, anxieties, depression, obsessive thoughts and chronic conditions that we’ve biologically inherited from our parents and grandparents—symptoms we often think are ours. Through lectures, interactive group work and family constellations, Mark Wolynn, author of IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle (Viking, 2016) will offer effective ways to break biologically inherited patterns so we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. You will learn how to:
– Become a detective of your family history, uncovering the traumatic events that can affect health, success, vitality and relationships.
– Interpret the clues in your words, feelings, symptoms and behaviors that link to unresolved traumas.
– Use dialogue, imagery, ritual, healing sentences, and other neuroscience tools for resolution, so that you, your children, and their children, can be free from having to relive the pain of previous generations.

This workshop can be of great value to mental health professionals, those who long to work through deeply rooted family issues, and anyone interested in personal healing.

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April 21-21

10:00 am - 5:30pm

22 E 30th St
New York, NY