Three Generations of Family History

Below are some family history questions to consider before we work together. You don’t need to write anything down or send anything in advance. You may need to do a little research, however, by asking your parents or other family members. Don’t worry if there are answers you can’t get. What you already know will be enough.

  • Who died early?
  • Who left?
  • Who was abandoned, isolated, or excluded from the family?
  • Who was adopted or who gave a child up for adoption?
  • Who died in childbirth?
  • Who had a stillbirth, miscarriage, or abortion?
  • Who committed suicide?
  • Who committed a serious crime?
  • Who experienced a significant trauma or suffered a catastrophic event?
  • Who lost their home or possessions and had difficulty recovering?
  • Who suffered in war?
  • Who died in or participated in the Holocaust or some other genocide?
  • Who was murdered?
  • Who murdered someone or felt responsible for someone’s death or misfortune?
  • Who hurt, cheated, or took advantage of someone?
  • Who profited from another’s loss?
  • Who was wrongly accused?
  • Who was jailed or institutionalized?
  • Who had a physical, emotional, or mental disability?
  • Which parent or grandparent had a significant relationship prior to getting married, and what happened?
  • Was someone deeply hurt by another?
  • Did anyone, including you, experience a week or more away from mother at an early age?
  • Did your parents go on a vacation when you were young?
  • Were you sent away to visit relatives or grandparents?
  • Were you or your mother ever hospitalized and forced to be apart from one another?
  • Did something traumatic happen while your mother was pregnant with you?
  • Did you experience a difficult birth?
  • Were you born premature?
  • Were you adopted or separated from the mother shortly after birth?
  • Did you experience a trauma or a separation from your mother during your childhood?
  • Did your mother experience a trauma or emotional turmoil during your childhood?

As well, I’d like you to form a sentence or two about your worst fear. If your life fell apart, what’s your worst fear?  What’s the worst thing that could happen to you ? This is probably a feeling that’s been with you your whole life. The answer to this question is key.

With this question answered, you’re ready to sign up for a workshop or a private session. My assistant, Kari Dunlop, will help you decide which one is best. Kari’s phone number is 403.244.0455. Her email is